Tips to help assure enrollment.  

Apply early.  It is better to begin the search months in advance than to try to secure a space within a few weeks time. Early applicants enjoy an increased rate of acceptance to our school as their information is readily available in the event a space is vacated.

Be flexible – you may have to accept a space sooner than you had planned or take a part-time space if it is available. Currently enrolled clientele get first priority to newly opened spaces.  Flexibility may make it easier to identify a placement. For example, families looking for a flexible two (any) day schedule may have an easier time enrolling than a family needing a specific schedule.

When an opening becomes available all interested families will be notified in priority order.  To secure the space a non-refundable deposit is required.  Wait-listed families only have a couple of days to respond to an offer of admission.  Please make sure we have your current contact information. If we are unable to reach you by phone or email when an opening occurs, your child(ren) will be removed from the wait list.


The next best place to home...

Thank you for your interest in Little Tot's LLC.  Parents who are interested in exceptional care and education for their children begin the enrollment process by completing an online application.  Due to greater demand than capacity, most of the time it is necessary to be placed on a waiting list to secure an ideal placement for your child at Little Tot's and increase your chance of admission.  Sometimes families apply at just the right time and we are able to accommodate nearly immediate placement.  No matter what time of year, we always recommend that parents apply early. Our waiting list is based upon priority, application date, and space availability for each age group in our program.

Typically wait-list enrollment occurs in the Fall months when our PreKindergarteners graduate our program.  However, incidental disenrollment may occur at other times throughout the year, so do not delay in applying.

Questions about availability, can be directed to Lisa Boni, proprietor, (586) 263-9787.

Pre-Enrollment Interview / Parent and Child Visit:

After completing an online application, parents will be notified about enrollment opportunities for their family when the spaces become available.  If space is eminently available, an interview and tour will be promptly scheduled. 

Once an interview is arranged, we ask that all parents attend as well as the children.  We believe that the family childcare difference is a direct result of the warm family environment that welcomes your child. We believe that it is essential for your child to have had the opportunity to meet and interact with his or her future teacher and see the exciting preschool environment that just may be his or her first classroom. 

All interviews are conducted in the evening hours after school has concluded for the day.  This gives proprietor, Lisa Boni, more time to devote to your family, and the opportunity to meet without disrupting classtime for the enrolled children during the day.  

If a space is available and it is agreed that this space will suit your family, parents will need to deliver a deposit, in the amount of one full week of tuition.  This deposit is paid prior to disbursement of enrollment paperwork.  The deposit will be taken only if enrollment is to begin within two weeks, or if a parent would like to reserve a space before it is needed by paying tuition from the time of the availability up until the time of enrollment.

(586) 263-9787